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Hi, Welcome to the Best Loan Officer.

With over two decades of experience in the mortgage business and a background that sets me apart from many lenders, I bring an unprecedented level of expertise to each client. Through knowledge of current lending markets, access to innovative products for buyers with unique backgrounds my clients can expect justifiable results quickly and easily. More than simply understanding numbers though; tech-savvy communication ensures quick returns on questions while always keeping their best interests at heart is what truly makes me stand out.

Finding the right professionals to make life's big decisions can be daunting. A great doctor and lawyer, a savvy financial advisor and spiritual leader – these are all important considerations. But don't forget your mortgage situation! It pays to have an experienced professional helping you navigate one of life’s largest investments in order for it to pay off down the road. Let me offer that expert guidance through my trusted services - I'd love to help make this process as straightforward as possible so you get exactly what you need out of home ownership.

Michael Trahan - The Best Loan Officer


Loan Programs That I Do

Current Mortgage Rates

I don't post interest rates on my website. The number one reason is that interest rates and the price of money changes all day long and until I know your financial goals, plus other factors such as your credit score, property type, loan to value, there is no way to give you an accurate real time number. While loan rates are important, they are usually the last thing an informed consumer should ask about. To start off with, when you see interest rates on other websites, those are posted for people with perfect credit, 20% down payment, on their job for 2 years or more, have low debt to income, good assets, a single family residence and will close within 30 days. 99% of my clients don't meet that criteria. As your mortgage expert, the last thing we will discuss is the interest rate. What we will focus on is the total cost of the loan over a certain period of time and what your short term and long term financial goals are. If you tell me what rate you want, I will tell you what it will cost to get it. Mortgage rates move all day long, just like the stock market, so unless you are ready to lock your loan the moment you see a rate advertised, it can change in minutes. If you call a bank or mortgage company and they quote you a rate without knowing anything about your financial goals, hang up and call me.

How to Get Approved

Wondering how it all works? Here are a few of the criteria we take into account.


You Down Payment or Equity

Every lender wants you to have some of your own cash in the deal. The more cash or equity you have, the more favorable the terms are.

There are home loans available with NO money down, while investment properties and commercial property loans will require a down payment or equity.


Your Credit Score

The better your credit score, the easier it is to get a loan. I work with less than perfect credit borrowers. I understand life happens

and never judge anyone about their credit scores. If you have less than perfect credit, I will be happy to help you improve your credit score. I have access to some incredible tools that will show you an exact path to getting your credit score higher, resulting in more favorable terms from a lender.


Employment History

Obviously the lender wants to know how you are going to pay them back. For a home mortage, how long you have been on your job,

what you do for a living will give the lender comfort that you have the ability to pay the loan back. There are several loans that will allow you to use your college degree as 'job history'. An example is someone that just graduated from college with a degree in nursing. As long as that person got a job in that field and an employment contract, we can use that for income. For self employed borrowers, as little as one year self employment may be enough to qualify for a loan.


Debt-to-Income Ratio

Sometimes people ask why lenders care about your debt to income ratios. The answer is if you have too much debt, you may not be able

to payback the loan or you may end up as they say 'house rich and cash poor'. I have clients think the lenders are being tough on them, but in reality, the lender is your best friend. They are trying to keep you out of trouble financially. They want to loan money to people that can pay it back. If they deny you, we should look at your current financial situation to see what we can do to achieve your financial goals.

What customers say about me


We have been a client of Mike's for over 20 years. He helped us finance several of our properties including the construction loan and the permanent mortgage on our current home. He is extremely competent in his profession and we always trust his advice.

Mike always reviews my loan information and keeps me informed of where I can save money on my loan. He always looks out for my best interest and has saved me a ton of money.

As a first time homebuyer, Mike took me through the home buying process and explained all of my loan options and the benefits or negatives of each loan. He held my hand the whole way through from the loan application to the closing. If you need a knowledgeable loan broker, Mike will have your back.

As an real estate investor, Mike has always been able to take me through the myriad of financing options available for investment properties. He is an Excel guru! I have never seen someone so detailed with numbers. He always makes sure that I am doing the right loan for my investment needs.

Why Choose The Best Loan Officer?

As your expert mortgage broker, your best interest is always on my mind. I like to keep my clients for life. The only way to do that is to offer exceptional service plus knowing that I am your trusted advisor when you need mortgage advice.

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